Artistic Staff


Whilst the Trust has no permanent teaching staff, over the years many highly respected teachers have coached students for operas or choral concerts. Others have given masterclasses, have worked with local children, or have run their own courses at the Creake Centre. The following list of visitors is by no means complete but serves to illustrate both diversity and standard. Many classes are open to members of the public free of charge.


Robert Alderson voice
Stephen Allen voice
Paul Ayres junior music
Ian Brown piano
Gordon Crosskey guitar

Kevin Crossley-Holland poetry
Caroline Crawshaw voice
Alexander Crowe chorus
Susan Drake harp

Joyce Ellis singing
Caroline Emery double bass
William Fong piano
Peter Fry percussion
Mick Gower writing
Karin Greenhead Dalcroze Eurhythmics

Deirdre Grier-Delaney voice
The Elastic Band
Adeline Hagon Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Jennifer Hamilton voice & stage craft
Kevin Hathway percussion
Jordan Hunt junior music

Eira-Lynn Jones harp
Jonathan Keates writing
Patrick King percussion
Wen Zhou Li violin
Jane Manning voice
Joy Mammen voice
Margaret Moncrieff cello
Craig Ogden guitar
Carole Presland piano
Joan Price art

Prince Consort Percussion
Mark Ray piano
Bethan Rhys Wiliam dance
Petra Ronkko Dalcroze Eurhythmics
Gidon Saks voice

Rodney Slatford double bass
Gill Smith children’s singing
Penny Stirling junior music
Simon Rowland-Jones viola

Mary Somerville children’s drama
Christopher Turner voice
Katie Wearing junior music
Philip Wells poetry
Pat Willis puppetry
Yossi Zivoni violin