Music and Dining



Music & Dining with The Yorke Trust gives an opportunity to explore a wide range of fine food, coupled with good music making.   Designed both to support emerging young musicians by giving them platform experience, the events also serve to keep friends in touch with the Trust’s work and to raise modest sums of money to help with student bursaries.


Next Event:  Saturday 14th December ‘An informal evening of Festive Music with In The Smoke at Houghton Hall



Inspired by an evening at one of Norfolk’s famous restaurants, four friends decided they could go one better for half the price!   The idea of themed evenings grew out of the Chairman’s happy memories of giving concerts on board luxury French cruise ships with the English Chamber Orchestra in the 1980s.  


Originally conceived as a Club, to enable the Trust to claim Gift Aid on subscriptions, events are now open to all, the scope of the 2013/14 series having been widened to embrace even more styles and traditions.


Popular evenings hosted in the Trust’s Old chapel in South Creake have included singers, organ recitals, percussion ensembles, piano recitals, mixed ensembles and popular music from the inter-war years.    Concerts have focused not only on traditional European Classical repertoire but have included a Japanese evening, Jewish music, entertainment by a Sikh family, and Italian, Spanish and South American programmes, all with wine and food to match.



Several young artists appearing in the Music & Dining series over the years have used the evening to prepare for debut recordings, international competitions and professional auditions.  


The informal performing opportunities given beyond the glare of the national press are at the heart of the Trust’s philosophy of helping young people develop their talent to the highest possible level.




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